Three of the biggest business challenges for small to medium enterprises (SMEs) are 1) cash flow, 2) access to resources and expertise in this fast paced and dynamic market. The third challenge is 3) scalability and how to grow the business in a structured planned way.

Freelance and project-based contractor approaches are becoming more widely used as the market shifts away from the traditional employee model. The need to access specific skillsets, often for a short period of time, is driving a more dynamic strategy to staff and resourcing.

In a very competitive and commoditised environment the cost of employment can prove prohibitive to scale and growth for SMEs. Recruitment fees, poor-fit staff, superannuation, and additional staffing overheads all contribute to operational costs, and impact actual net profit.

In order to solve complex challenges, we believe that a project-based model that is cross-functional can provide a pathway to achieving business outcomes, while working from the same client value set and beliefs.

We acknowledge that the traditional consulting model relies on a top-heavy assessment and recommendation approach that can prove costly for SMEs, so we function to deliver specific outcomes through tight scoping and a shared risk model. This offers access to and collaboration with a team of globally experience senior executives from the CxO management level.

As the end of financial year approaches, we know internal resources are limited. A locally delivered augmented strategic or tactical project can help to ensure that day to day challenges, as well as critical issues, are addressed and resolved. Whether you need resources in IT, HR, marketing, sales or finance and operations, we can customise a consulting engagement that suits your desired outcome using a shared risk value proposition.

For an initial obligation free consultation on how our independent advisory services can assist with a low cost approach, please visit or contact us via or call +61 39225 5022 to speak with one of our senior consultants.

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