What is a Business Growth Assessment?

Are you finding that the sales and marketing approaches and strategies that worked five years ago are no longer as successful today? Your business strategies need to be able to adapt to suit and be effective in the current competitive environment, both to sustain and to grow.

Alchemise Consulting offer a Business Growth Assessment (BGA), to independently review your business, sales and marketing performance and operations. We’ll assess where your business is at, by collecting meaningful and relevant data and reviewing your goals and strategies around the following:

Business vision, goals, and objectives assessment

The essence of your business, your vision, goals and objectives, should be the key drivers behind your day-to-day functions, however often they do not align to the ground level operations. We’ll assess their validity and role in your business’ sales and marketing functions, by examining company growth measurement and performance, your sales base review and overall financial performance.

Marketing assessment

We frequently see a disconnect between company objectives, marketing, and sales functions, which can quickly create challenges and hinder or slow growth. Our BGA will explore and assess your current marketing strategies, campaigns and initiatives, CRM metrics and performance, the unique selling proposition for your product or service, as well as a competitive review and analysis. We’ll also begin the process of closing the gap between marketing and sales by assessing the interaction, handover and review between the two functions.

Sales assessment

Following on from the examination of the interactions between marketing and sales, we’ll go on and assess your current sales structure and review the sales ROI, as well as delving into sales performance metrics, and the financials – revenue, profit and cost of sale per client (amongst others)

Internet/digital marketing assessment

Marketing in the current competitive environment is becoming increasingly focused on the Internet, but more broadly digital capacities. We will review your use of social media channels and email marketing, as well as your broader online presence across your website. User experience is paramount in the digital space and we’ll review several aspects of how prospects and customers can interact with you and your business.

If you, as a business owner or director, feel that sales and/or growth has slowed or stagnated, and can’t figure out why or how to progress, please contact us for an initial discussion about how a Business Growth Assessment can address your challenges and provide recommendations for moving onwards and upwards.


Business Growth Assessment



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