This leading Australian electrical services company was seeking to expand its relationship and leverage off their investment in valuable vendor certifications with electrical automation and energy solutions skills with Schneider Electric solutions. They have access to one of only 3 certified industry senior assessors who has extensive consulting experience in the field as part of the team.

Business Challenge

They have  limited sales and marketing resources to reach out and grow the business with a go to market plan in this line of business for reaching larger businesses without the support of the Schneider Electric partnership and active channel knowledge and engagement.

Our Recommendations

This client engaged Alchemise to understand their business requirements and financial forecasting for this line of business. A brief review highlighted that they were underprepared for going to market with sales and marketing strategy, collateral and positioning in the target market for their capabilities.

There was no formal presentation with company marketing capabilities and value statement and unique selling proposition given their depth and wealth of technical capabilities, innovation and significant experience across high end residential and commercial building services projects.

Our Solution

After an initial consultation and a few days working with this electrical services client on an appropriate tailored go to market channel strategy, we very quickly uncovered the business problem for the client’s marketing preparation was there was no value proposition or formal marketing presentation material or know how to prepare and present to Schneider Electric

We held an internal workshop, agreed on the pitch deck and developed the presentation agenda of which we prepared in a corporate format to the General Manager at Schneider Electric and marketing funding model for a joint campaign to request support for.

 Business Outcomes

We helped the client take ownership and implement a structured professional process to successful prepare a highly professional channel engagement presentation and team based approach with clear roles and team engagement to articulate the USP value to Schneider Electric Channel General Manager of the Tier 1 Channel partner capabilities,  value added offerings and highlight their unique market differentiation and experience with the highest Schneider certification available in the EcoXpert and Energy Solutions specialisation categories.

This kicked off a recognition of why the vendor and channel partner should work closer together and be considered for marketing campaign support funding to generate new business sales and services. We achieved the objective of raising the internal awareness within Schneider Electric teams to provide leads and referrals to our client for their specific, specialised experience and expertise available in the marketplace.

Our engagement helped elevate the client’s channel partner profile and awareness within Schneider of their ability to engage at a more corporate and enterprise environment and delivery capability to that client base. The potential of vendor marketing campaign funding would help to jump start the client Line of Business lead generation investment and facilitate mutual active channel engagement both for the sales representatives and consulting capabilities of vendor and channel partner.

We deliver real client value and outcome based business growth solutions using cost effective strategies with a low risk partnership approach.

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