A leading US communications technology vendor was running a year long global campaign which needed to be effectively executed in the APAC regional marketing department. This organisation is strong brand awareness and market share in the ICT Communications market.

Business Challenge

The APAC Marketing team has limited resources spread between Hong Kong, Singapore and Sydney for executing the global marketing strategy and go-to-market campaign which wasn’t generating enough lead generation from warm lists via events and other outbound materials available.

A small APAC marketing team (managing day to day activities) resulting in being reactive as opposed to proactive with the customisation and use of globally developed content as well as use of existing Salesforce CRM and Marketo Marketing Automation Tools needed to be aligned and tracked to engage the target prospect.

In reality the use of tools, alone without people, process and sufficient time is a common cause of lack of ROI from the use of an Enterprise marketing automation tool to drive the correct results. Typically it’s the complexity of maximising the functionality and investment in training required to get the effectiveness out of the solution.
Alchemise Consulting Insight

In speaking to the Regional APAC Event and Campaign manager, she provided some depth of insight into the marketing campaign challenges internally encountered.

A global campaign needs to be executed at APAC level, and the content is ready, however 2 older lists went cold and needed to be warmed up for exploring leads to hand across to the sales team.

All current MQLs (marketing qualified leads) and SQLs (sales qualified leads) activity are being performance reported back to global management.

Primarily the challenge was a poor level of qualification with MQLs and handover to the Sales team.

So what was happening was that the digital landing page asset for a white paper was being downloaded from one touchpoint and then automatically tagged as a MQL. This MQL was then passed onto the sales representative to follow up on.

The desired outcome was to accelerate the sales process with the marketing assets and prospect lead conversation.

There are two other assets that ideally the qualification requires interaction or content marketing engagement for a benchmarking survey.

The request was to warm up the list and increase engagement with MQLs from promoting through outbound calling and inbound content engagement from the prospect with a list of about 500 contacts.

Our Recommendations

After some initial consultation, we very quickly uncovered the business problem for the client’s marketing process was a gap in not mapping the extensive specific content catalogue developed to the buyer’s persona and aligned to the buyer’s journey.

We proposed a marketing consulting exercise to review the existing campaign content pieces and map that to the Buyer’s Journey of Awareness, Consideration and Decision stage to enable a stronger lead nurture campaign.

The objective was to try to accelerate the MQL to SQL process and phasesLead Generation


We delivered a trial campaign to warm up the old leads but we are providing a HubSpot based service to track the marketing and sales funnel from developing a separate campaign landing page and form to be able to access the key three digital assets with white paper, e-book and benchmarking survey participation with prospects.

This project was to run over 3 months initially.

We have managed to provide more visibility depth into the MQL and SQL activity to connect closer to obtaining more prospect engagement through a consolidated and customized reporting from Hubspot and use its CRM as a lead generation outbound activity tool.

Marketing Automation

Once budget in the new financial year will be approved to complete the Buyer’s Journey content mapping project in order to increase the quality and lead scoring for the lead generation and prospect engagement.

This was setup and ready to commence within 2 weeks of approve to start this project.

This case study highlights that typically a solution to a marketing challenge such as this involves a holistic approach with people, process and systems to address this issue and allow for more effective integrated marketing and sales engagement focused on the sales outcome. A recognition of the gap in the marketing buyers journey alignment provided a much deeper marketing campaign lead reporting and engagement to the right audience.

We deliver real client value and outcome based business growth solutions using cost effective strategies with a low risk partnership approach.

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