New market entry assessment saves 40% start-up costs in A/NZ

A leading UK network infrastructure provider, was seeking a new market entry plan to expand into the Australian market after having established an Asia-Pacific presence in Hong Kong and Singapore

Alchemise Consulting was approached with the company’s requirements and goals and assessed the NEW MARKET feasibility and GO-TO-MARKET validation.

Current Situation

Where: A decision to open a new office in either Melbourne or Sydney

What:  Target of selling into the Telco, Service Provider market and Enterprise businesses.
Need for new business marketing lead generation, as well as strategic sales engagement in the high deal value enterprise market segment.

Who:   Over the initial 12-month period, hire up to four resources: Senior Business Development Manager, Business Development Executive, Account Manager and Inside Sales representation.

Alchemise Consulting Recommendations

From our local analysis and market research conducted, we made a number of recommendations for the company to address in order to have the most effective and successful entry into the competitive Australian market, in the areas of:

  • Talent acquisition strategy – We offered an alternative lower risk solution of senior local leadership, sales and marketing services that would reduce costs by up to 40% in Year 1.
  • Sales compensation structure – The UK model required adaptation to suit and be competitive in the local market, as the proposed package would not attract the right resources.
  • Go-to-market strategy – Our analysis of the ICT and Telecoms market was able to guide their market positioning and sales engagement for stronger revenue and more profitable opportunities. The current Gross Profit metric and viability of the ROI would be difficult to achieve given the lack of marketing investment and the existing competitors’ strong relationships and brand presence in the market.


As a result of the Alchemise Consulting engagement, this leading UK networking company recognised that there were a number of challenges and barriers to a successful entry into the Australia market, and that their business plan required revising to meet local entry expectations and a go to market plan.

Our new market development validation helped save on significant setup costs and recruiting fees, and highlight that they had under-budgeted by 25% for this venture. In this case, an extended preparation process would ultimately prove more successful in the longer-term, as the entry strategy simply was not immediately feasible.

If you are a technology integrator, software, infrastructure or cloud services provider exploring a new market entry or go to market assessment for A/NZ, contact Alchemise Consulting for an obligation-free discussion on how we can help.